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Fond memories will always be, at the time of the gathering for the Winter Solstice, at the Floyd's beautiful home. We are grateful for the years of tradition you've brought into our lives.

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Any supplementary advice to go with the endeavour of reading the work? 🙂

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Tropical/volcanic regards from around the Gates of Hell, the Masaya Volcano and Lagoon in Nicaragua. Can I join your Hellfire Club as a soldier of Christ in the first row on the battlefield called life, where life is not a word but a sentence. One-armed, I am just cannon fodder.

In my previous life, I was the dubbed Czech Hollywood Warrior Priest at Serious Entertainment, aka Czechwizard. I wrote the massive 36-volume Sixth Gospel. Anybody interested ? I can send you a catalog upon request.

Yet my life has dramatically changed for both better and worse. See my Substack, the very first post, how I got here. And then I just went and am going ballistic ....

I recommend these to start with ....




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